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Program Houston is an opportunity for junior web developers to work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and seasoned programmers during a summer mentorship. Over the course of either a six or twelve-week program, you will hone your technical and business skills as you are guided through a project of your own creation, from start to finish. Sharing office space with the Bouncing Pixel team, you'll not only get a stepping stone into the industry, but also an immersive, real-world experience in the planning and decision-making necessary for successful project management.


Program Houston launches during the summer of 2016. We'll select up to three participants who will join us for a 20-hour/week or 40-hour/week mentorship program. These spots do not provide compensation, nor does they cost anything to participate in. Those who are accepted will be working only on projects they develop themselves and will own their creations entirely.

Participation will take place in a structured, professional environment with guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and project managers. The program takes place at Bouncing Pixel's Midtown Houston office. Remote mentorships are not available. At the end of the program, you will leave with valuable experience and knowledge with which they can grow as developers and demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

You'll be interacting daily with our developers, who will be available to answer any of your questions and help guide you through your project. You will also have the opportunity to give informal weekly presentations of the work you've completed in addition to the required final presentation to the Bouncing Pixel team.


We are open to applicants of various experience levels and backgrounds, but our program will be of the greatest benefit to current university/college students. To get the most out of your limited time with us, we also recommend that you:

  • Are well versed in HTML and CSS
  • Have experience with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Know basic SQL, or have worked a fair amount with an ORM
  • Understand basic concepts in creating relational databases, or have worked with non-relational databases
  • Have experience making server-side code that implements a MVC structure, or at least have an understanding of how MVC projects are structured
Project Selection

The application form below asks you to describe the project you want to work on. We are open to various types of projects, but in order to get the most out of the program, we recommend that you:

  • Base yours on extending the functionality of any existing website that provides a user interface (e.g. something like Facebook or Google Maps)
  • Extend a website that offers an API to interact with their data
  • Build yours using the Laravel or node.js
  • Create a prototype for a web-based start-up

Some examples of projects that would fit these recommendations (but we encourage you use your own ideas!):

  • Create an interface resembling Microsoft Outlook that works for private messaging on reddit
  • Make a scoring system for a to-do application like Todoist, allowing users to receive "points" for completing their to-do items
  • Create a dashboard that aggregates a user's social media accounts (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc) into a single feed

During our six-week program, we recommend you have the same 9:00am-6:00pm, Monday through Friday schedule that our developers keep. If you opt for our twelve-week program, we'll work with you to find a schedule that suits everyone involved; about 20 hours a week spread out over three to five days. The exact start and end dates and duration of the program are somewhat flexible. We'll nail that down once we've selected the finalists from our applicants.


Matthew Hall - Curiosity-driven Lead Programmer
Matthew Hall
Bill Burch - Mindful Coffee Enthusiast
Bill Burch
Brynn Bateman - Developer With Low Slung Keyboard
Brynn Bateman
Ryan Teodoro - Ecclectic and Entrepreneurial
Ryan Teodoro

Our team of developers has a very diverse set of skills and experiences to help you with your project, including iOS development and game development, and several varieties of web frameworks and technologies.

Bouncing Pixel

Bouncing Pixel is an interactive design studio with a rich history in creating web experiences, animated productions, and serious games for health and learning. We've produced interactive solutions for Rice University, Children’s Museum of Houston, HP, Cardinal Health, BP, Baylor College of Medicine, Port of Houston Authority, Tropicana Las Vegas, and Discovery Green. Our clients include start-ups, institutions of higher learning, publicly traded companies, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.


We appreciate all the applications we have received this year. We've completed our selection process and look forward to accepting more in future iterations of Program Houston.